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100+ Small Business Grants + Grant Proposal Template

100+ Small Business Grants + Grant Proposal Template

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This grant list provides access to over 100 small business grants and includes a grant proposal template. It is the perfect solution for businesses seeking financial support to bring their ideas to life. With this list, entrepreneurs can unlock the funding they need to pursue their business goals.Thousands of strong businesses today wouldn’t exist without the crucial help of a small business grant. If you have the desire to develop your business, do the research, have patience in the process then this list is perfect for you! 

100+ Small Business Grants 

This guide contains: 

  • Small Business Grants  
  • Minority Grants  
  • Grants for women 
  • Easy Apply Grants
  • Hard to find grants 
  • 10k Cash Grant 
  • 20 Loans For Small Business
  • Editable Winning Grant Answers 


  • FREE Done for you grant proposal Canva template Click Below!

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What are business grants? 

Grants are sums of money given to businesses by the government, philanthropists, or other companies. In most cases, they are non-repayable, and since securing a small business grant doesn’t require you to give away any equity in your company – a condition of winning investment – they’re an attractive form of financing for many companies. 

Small business grants are often aimed at specific regions, specific industry sectors, specific types of businesses, or specific community groups, which can make grants hard to access for certain companies. For example, some grants for new businesses may only be available for women, while other government business grants may be solely available for start-ups in the environmental sector.



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