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Digital Business Promo Keychains

Digital Business Promo Keychains

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Elevate your networking game with our Business Promo Keychains! These trendy keychains not only provide easy access to your keys, but also act as a conversation starter to promote your business. Perfect for marketing events and trade shows. Get yours now and make a lasting impression!

After Purchase Email your website link to be added to your keychain. sales@pinknwhitefactory

What is a NFC tag? 
An NFC tag is like a tiny sticker or chip that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to transfer data when it's near another NFC-enabled device, like a smartphone. These tags can store information that can be read by compatible devices, allowing for quick and easy interactions, like sharing contact details, opening a website, or even making payments. They're pretty handy for various applications!



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